About me

Hello my name is Danny and welcome to my dabbling blog!  As the name suggests, this is a place for me to dabble with whatever grabs my interest and share my findings with the world.  I do not yet have any idea whether or not this will turn out to be more of a solitary portfolio or a larger conversation about my interests.  I hope the latter and I’m always honored by thoughtful reader commentary.  I do not make any claims of super special skills or prowess, I simply hope you can share in my curiosity and maybe take part.  I will endeavor to share as much of my projects and code as I can, but I don’t make any guarantees of quality and I can’t take responsibility for anything that may break for you (user beware!).

I’m a Software Engineer living in the Sacramento area of California with my wife and son.  In my free time, I enjoy playing with my son, tinkering with new software/hardware projects, and gardening in my backyard.  In college, I majored in Computer Game Design at UC Santa Cruz. More recently, I’ve been working on Augmented Reality development, as well as mobile development.

In over a decade working as a Software Engineer, I’ve built/tested/fixed/released/containerized software for hardware products ranging from physical server boxes in data centers, to satellites orbiting the sun, to Augmented Reality headsets.  I’ve also worked extensively building web tools, data pipelines and visualization tools to make sense of large quantities of data.

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