Gearing up for AWS re:Invent

Now that I finally have my airfare booked (far too close to the last minute) I can say for sure that I’ll be in Las Vegas net week at the AWS re:Invent conference, along with several of my peers. This will be my first year at AWS re:Invent, and I’m still in awe of the conference’s sheer scope.

A few highlights of what I plan to attend include:

  • Non-Profit Hackathon for Good
  • Deep learning with PyTorch
  • Running Kubernetes at Amazon scale using Amazon EKS
  • How to have your front end and monitor it too
  • Create an augmented reality web app

I plan to post any resulting code from these projects to my GitHub page, and I’ll likely blog about any particularly cool ones as well. I’ll also do my best to put up a post or two from the conference.

Finally, I’m still looking for teammates for the Hackathon for Good, so if you’re going to attend and would like to team up, shoot me a message at